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NFC Podcast #15 – Philanthropy, Deontology, and Effective Altruism: Mo money, mo problems?

The 15th NeverFromConcentrate podcast about philanthropy, charity and how best to express one’s ‘love for mankind’. We talk about Henry David Thoreau, Steve Jobs, and Yuval Noah Harari.

NFC Podcast #14 – Politics, Writing and Trump

The 14th NeverFromConcentrate podcast with our guest, Hershal. We talk about politics, fame, and narcissism (and of course, digress into the subject of Donald Trump, and the role of the internet on our current ideology).

NFC Podcast #13 – Jiro Dream House

In this episode of the NeverFromConcentrate podcast, we talk about altruism, No Name kids, and the things we’d like to burn the most.

NFC Podcast #12 – Political Korrectness

In this episode of NFC, we talk about artistic integrity, political correctness, NOT Donald Trump, and David Foster Wallace.

NFC Podcast #11 – Topic will be named next week

In this NFC podcast, we have a special guest: Hershal Pandya. We talk about procrastinating, Stephen King, and soul crushing jobs.

NFC Podcast #10 – Anti-Programming

The 10th NeverFromConcentrate podcast where we talk about the Potato Paradox, Dean Potter, and the myth of Sisyphus.

NFC Podcast #9 – Sad Horses

The ninth Never From Concentrate podcast where we talk about horses, artists and what it means to feel happy.

Some Notes:

NFC Podcast #8: Originality and Blue Collars

The 8th NFC Podcast. In this one we talk about what it means to be original, Robin Thicke, and blue collar workers.

NFC Podcast #7: Art and Boyhood

Our 7th podcast! We talk about Bollywood, art criticism, and Matthew McConaughey.

NFC Podcast #6: The Privacy Index

The 6th NFC podcast. Today, we discuss smartphones, drones and the Serial podcast!