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NFC Podcast #6: The Privacy Index

The 6th NFC podcast. Today, we discuss smartphones, drones and the Serial podcast!

NFC Podcast #5: C1 Cycling and Free Will

In this podcast, we pose the question: should athletes be allowed to consumer PED’s to make athletics more fair?

NFC Podcast #4: Smuckles and Science Police

The fourth NFC podcast where we break down how scientists can better market their discoveries and create a new portmanteau: smile-chuckle, or smuckle.

NFC Podcast #3: Voting, Yay or Nay?

In the third NFC podcast, we talk about voting in the modern-day democracy, the Quebec referendum, and whether we’d ever run for mayor!

NFC Podcast #2: Go Local Sports Team Go!

The second NFC podcast where we dissect western society’s love-affair with the sportsman.
Some show notes:

NFC Podcast #1: Rock, Paper, Meat

The first NFC podcast! We discuss our thoughts on meat and utilitarianism, and answer the eternal question: pulp or no pulp?

Some Notes: